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This is a global website and presents a range of information on 4CYTETM.  This may not meet various regulatory country specific requirements and must be read accordingly. This product has not yet been assessed by the FDA for drug registration.  Please consult your veterinarian before using this product.

support-bubble-red Advanced joint support, stimulating the natural mechanism to maintain healthy cartilage and joints.
4CYTE™ Canine is the only product available with the inclusion of ‘Epiitalis®’ –a patented plant extract that contains a range of essential fatty acids which stimulate chondrocyte (cell) proliferation.
assists-bubble-green Assists to maintain metabolic homeostasis and normal physiological function.
promotes-bubble-blue Protection by providing a full range of naturally occurring GAG's and Omega 3 fatty acids essential for the production of cartilage.

    potential-bubble-grey May enhance performance and recuperation after vigorous exercise.







Questions and Answers

Who is Interpath?

Interpath is a facilitator of research and development. We research new actives/ingredients looking at the commercialisation opportunities and then facilitate scientific research programs through experts within their respective fields of research to validate safety and possible or associated claims.

What is 4CYTE™ Canine?
4CYTE™ Canine is a revolutionary complete joint support supplement for the canine industry targeting all key areas of joint function. 4CYTE™’s extensive product specific research has been peer reviewed and published in leading international journals such as and including the AJVR and the EVJ. 4CYTE™ has been scientifically developed for advanced joint support in dogs.

What is Epiitalis®?

A patent protected plant based oil, with proven chondrocyte proliferation and unique compounds targeting joints. Epiitalis® is a plant extract using a proprietary extraction method.

What does this proprietary extraction method do to the Epiitalis®?

In simple terms, in addition to the actual oil extraction it has the ability to change the fatty acid structure from a bound form to a specific free form of fatty acid dramatically increasing the efficacy of the oil therefore creating Epiitalis®

What are the ingredients of 4CYTE™ Canine and what do they do?
4CYTE™ Canine is a unique blend of Epiitalis®, New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel (Perna Canaliculas), Abalone (Haliotis Iris) and Marine cartilage. The blend of key compounds obtains maximum effectiveness. In vitro studies show the combination is more potent than each ingredient on its own. These active ingredients are of a human grade, blended to a specific ratio and manufactured to meet a strict pharmaceutical standard.

How does 4CYTE™ Canine work?

4CYTE™ Canine targets four key areas:
Supports the natural mechanism to maintain health cartilage and joints.
Assists to maintain normal joint function
Promotes – contains a range of compounds known to be necessary for promoting healthy joints
Potential to assist with recovery times after excessive exercise and reduce the symptoms of resulting aches and pains.
When can 4CYTE™ Canine be recommended?
4CYTE™Canine can be utilised as an advanced joint support supplement.  • Pre and Post-operative situations for • Athletic dogs at risk of developing reduced joint function. • Dogs with reduced mobility/flexibility • Older dogs

Is 4CYTETM contraindicated with other medicines?
There are no known contraindications with other drugs or nutritional supplements.

Is 4CYTE™ Canine “VET ONLY?

Yes 4CYTE™ Canine is a Veterinary Only product. This product provides nutritional compounds and needs to be utilised in appropriate cases where genuine benefit can be achieved.  It is important that Veterinarians who understand your pets medical history and its symptoms make the correct diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

Can 4CYTETM be used in pregnant dogs?
No specific studies have been conducted during pregnancy, therefore it is not recommended.  Although your veterinarian can make a final decision in this regard.

How much Glucosamine & Chondroitin does 4CYTE™ Canine contain?

4CYTE™ Canine contains the full complement of the naturally forming glycosaminoglycan’s (including Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Keratin, Dermatan and Heparin) necessary for the health of the synovial fluid and cartilage matrix. Our in-vivo and in-vitro research has demonstrated significant bioavailability and efficacy at the stimulation of GAG’s production, with GAG levels a key objective measure of these peer reviewed and published papers.

Where are the raw materials for 4CYTE™ Canine sourced?

All of our marine derived raw materials are by-products sourced from non-endangered species, harvested on a CITES certified under a strict quota basis and are by-products from harvested or certified aqua-farming operations. . More specifically the marine cartilage utilised in 4CYTE™ is from the fish backbone, which is a by-product of fish harvested for human consumption and come predominantly from Australian and New Zealand waters harvested under strict Governmental quota systems. The cartilage used is certified to not come from species listed in the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). We apply a very strict quality control process to our raw materials acquisition to ensure all ethical procedures and guidelines are applied and met. All product is premium “human grade” quality.
Bioavailability of 4CYTE Canine?
4CYTE™ Canine has undergone significant in-vivo and in-vitro research which has demonstrated that the active ingredients are effective following simulated digestion and ultrafiltration (“absorption”) and that the product does reach the joints following oral administration. In-vitro studies 4CYTE™ Canine were subjected to a simulated digestion model and ultrafiltration process, thus mimicking the effects of natural digestion and absorption. Objective measures were then applied measuring levels of degradative enzymes, Glycosaminoglycan’s, Nitric Oxide and Chondrocyte numbers.
These testimonials are presented for informational purposes only and are not intended as an endorsement of any product. The information is not intended to be a substitute for visits to your local veterinarian. Rather, the testimonials offer the reader information written by pet owners and/or veterinarians concerning animal health and products that have shown results.

Following is a selection of endorsements for 4CYTETM.  These endorsements give an insight to how the product has helped dogs.

Bailey The Golden Retriever
"I just want to say thank you to 4CYTE for your great product.  My 7 year old Golden Retriever 'Bailey' has had both cruciate ligaments done in each of his back legs.  Since his surgeries which were 12 months apart from each other, the last one was in 2012 he has not fully recovered.  We have tried all therapies recommended by the Vet but all has been unsuccessful.  We were running out of resources on how to help him in his day to day life, from limping, being sore and not able to sit properly and we were considering euthanasia as his quality of life was poor.  A vet nurse friend recommended the new 4CYTE product.  Within 2 months on this product I am thrilled to say Bailey is a completely different dog! He is much more alert and happy, walking much better since his surgeries... he is even running around.  The change in Bailey and how much happier he is, is priceless.  I could not recommend 4CYTE highly enough!  It has worked for Bailey and I will continue to use it to help him in his day to day life." Kelly & Bailey
Dr Natasha Hovanessian & Abbey - As a veterinarian, I always research a new product before recommending it for my patients and was happy with the scientific data currently available and anecdotal reports from other equine vets on 4CYTE equine.  My clients have also been pleased with the results in their horses.  However, the best evidence for me has been in my own dog an 11 yr old, 35kg mastiff cross, who has fused wrists in both front legs from an injury when she was 4.  I was stunned one day at the park, after she had been on 4CYTE for 2 months, to see her running around with energy, speed and enthusiasm that she has not displayed since before her injury.  I could not be more pleased with her improvement.  201507245 Abbey  
The Hamiltons & Jaz - We are writing to you as we are over whelmed with the response your 4CYTE has had on our beloved dog. Jaz is our 4 year old Curly Coat Retriever who at 3 developed noticeable lameness impacting on her daily activities. We noted that she was in physical pain so we attended the Vet who confirmed via X-ray that Jaz had hip dysplasia. After lengthy discussions about the various options we decided to try 4CYTE as we were concerned about the long term affects of some products. After several weeks we were astounded as Jaz was back running around the yard,... read full article jaz curly retriever  
Bella & Pip - Bella is a 6 year old spoodle, extemely active and playful. Over the next few months we noticed some movements becoming more difficult.  When Bella would go to jump on the bed her hind legs would give away and she would fall straight off. We were give na sample packet of 4CYTE to try after 3 days we noticed she was begining to move more full article Bella spoodle  
Margret & Holly - “I took Holly with me on a hilly mountain bike ride for a couple of hours this weekend. Previously she would have been quite lame afterwards, and I usually would have to give her Rimadyl or resist her pleading looks when I get my bike out. However, since she has been on the 4CYTE™ she now trots up sound after a long run, and I no longer have to feel guilty or leave her at home.”  Margaret Leyland, Veterinarian. holly4 sml  
Lisa Duff & Zoom - Zoom (at 9yrs) recovers very quickly after a weekend of competition and I put this down to your fantastic product, 4CYTE ... read full article zoom4  
Alyssa Schwabe - Flyball Dog Trainer and Handler, Buffalo NY
For years, Interpath products have been the optimal support program for my happy, healthy, competitive sporting dogs. I take their wellness seriously and need them to perform at their
 best. My dogs all love 4CYTE™ and even my 16 year old Champion Terrier is still very youthful and active. Providing the best support for all my dogs to recover properly from training and play ensures that they maintain peak physical form.
20130205 Alyssa Schwabe Flyball sml     

4CYTE™ Canine is a unique advancement in joint health containing Epiitalis®  a plant oil extract patented for its ability to proliferate chondrocyte cells (a normal physiological function when joints are healthy).  

4CYTETM Canine can be extremely effective in;
  • Pre and post operative situations 20140605 4cyte canine 50g with beads
  • Athletic and working dogs  
  • Dogs with pre-exisiting conditions
  • Older dogs


Weight 1-4kg
Loading Dose 1 scoop 2 scoops 4 scoops 6 scoops 8 scoops
Maintenance Dose 1/2 scoop 1 scoop 2 scoops 3 scoops 4 scoops

New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel
Marine Cartilage
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Further Information
• Apparent increase in chondrocyte viability, in the presence of Interleukin-1, which potentially reduces the rate of degradation of the cartilage1.  
• May increase the number of chondrocytes (chondroproliferation), which potentially increases the health and longevity of the cartilage1.  
• May reduce build up of negative chemicals

• Source of Omega-3 fatty acids that may stabilise cell membranes, prevent oxidation, and therefore may promote better joint mobility2.  
• May inhibit the production of degradative agents and in turn inhibit chondrocyte death, reduce cartilage degradation responsible for poor joint function2.

New Zealand Green-Lipped Mussel  
• May provide elements to assist with suppression of agents involved in cartilage breakdown3.  
• Source of amino acids, which may provide the scaffold upon which the cartilage matrix is supported2.  
• May assist in reducing GAG release from the cartilage matrix into the synovial fluid2.  
• May improve cell viability2.

Marine Cartilage  
• Provides a natural source of essential GAGs and HA, which are necessary for the health of the synovial fluid and cartilage matrix2.  
• May inhibit the production of related chemical mediators, potentially adding to the complementary effect of the other ingredients2.