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Scientifically developed. A leap forward for natural joint health.


This is a global website and presents a range of information on 4CYTETM.  This may not meet various regulatory country specific requirements and must be read accordingly. This product has not yet been assessed by the FDA for drug registration.  Please consult your veterinarian before using this product.

support-bubble-red Advanced joint support, stimulating the natural mechanism to maintain healthy cartilage and joints.
4CYTE™ Canine is the only product available with the inclusion of ‘Epiitalis®’ –a patented plant extract that contains a range of essential fatty acids which stimulate chondrocyte (cell).
assists-bubble-green Assists to maintain metabolic homeostasis and normal physiological function.
promotes-bubble-blue Protection by providing a full range of naturally occurring GAG's and Omega 3 fatty acids essential for the production of cartilage.

    potential-bubble-grey May enhance performance and recuperation after vigorous exercise.